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1. Curriculum Development

It is imperative that any recipient of a body of knowledge and skills in the field of alternative medicine becomes effective in the practice of  specialization. The CEBHCP reaches out to the teaching facilities involved in this field to assess the respective curricula and determine their course content for possible upgrading.

2. Continuing Education 

In order to keep abreast of new knowledge and skills we request our members submit any continued education.  

3. Accreditation of Teaching Centres

With a view to ensuring high standards of knowledge and skills the CEBCHP has established a process of accreditation of learning centres. Board-approval is

issued to Centres complying with CEBHCP standards. 

4. Certification of Graduates

Based on the recommendations by the

teaching centres, graduates are awarded

certification for their respective feild of expertise. 

5. International Accreditation and Certification

Through the international network of

education institutions and practioners the CEBHCP has undertaken to process international accreditation and

certification of graduates.

6. Research and publication

At this stage of development of complementary medicine the CEBHCP

sees the value in facilitating the research associated with the respective specializaions and validates the appropriate treatment modalities.

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